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Heal Yourself, with Help.

Guided Sexual Betrayal Coaching

Our coaches guide you through 10 science-based modules that give you the knowledge and tools you need to move beyond betrayal toward healing.

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A self-paced digital program to heal from sexual betrayal including porn use and affair.

This program contains the blueprint for healing. You will enjoy online discussion groups for connection and empathetic understanding. You will have a tribe to support you. 

Once in the program, you can attend bi-weekly group coaching and a monthly workshop to give you the support you need to heal and thrive. 




Our 10-Module Scientifically-Based
Digital Coaching Program

Our 10-Module Scientifically-Based
Digital Coaching Program


What is Sexual Betrayal Trauma Recovery and Why Is it So Important?

Learn why and how working on yourself during this difficult time can be the greatest gift you ever give yourself and your family. 

Growth and healing go hand in hand.


Understand Betrayal Trauma & How It’s Impacted Your Brain, Relationship, and Life. 

Learn what happens in your brain when you are betrayed by your partner, how to move through the five stages of grief to heal, and how your relationship can be repaired after this rupture.


Why Men Betray the Women They Love & What They Need to Recover.

Learn what causes compulsive sexual behaviors, how porn and sex hijack the brain and cons you as a partner, the cycle of addiction and stages of recovery, and key aspects of the recovery process as it unfolds.


How to Handle the Stress of Sexual Betrayal.

Learn to overcome anxiety and depression, take an inventory of your unhealthy coping behaviors. 

Develop new, powerful healthy coping mechanisms for change.


 Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Investigate the six choices you have right now and learn to know which one is right for you. Learn who to tell and how, how to establish a relationship and sex agreement, and if you need to leave, how to do so in the healthiest way possible.


How to Deal with the Lies & Manipulation.

Learn how to spot verbal unreality and to believe behaviors instead. Trusting your intuition will serve you more and more over time, you will learn to develop it. 

Learn to identify and communicate your feelings, set and hold boundaries, and how to have disclosure if desired.


Understand & Improve Generational Family Patterns of Behavior.

Learn how trauma and family dysfunction can impact your ability to heal. Foster healthier interaction styles through self-awareness. 

Your origin story can help you identify and heal engrained behavioral patterns to improve.


Identify and Learn from Your Feelings.

Learn how to deal with triggers, feeling alone, the fear of abandonment, along with blame and shame. 

Learn to identify your inner child wounds, how they currently impact you, and how to heal these deep wounds.


Create a Healthy Relationship.

Whether you heal the relationship with your partner or decide to move on, you can learn how to create a healthy relationship moving forward. 

Learn about the role of control, how to grow your emotional maturity, improve communication, become more intimate, and have great sex you both enjoy.


New Routines for Recovery.

Routines can anchor your life by meditating and training your brain in the morning, filling your day with purpose and joy, and winding down in the evening in a healthy way. 

You will learn the three ways you use your brain and how to use it well from now on. Set five-year goals to create purpose in the present.

Who Is Sanity After Betrayal For?

This program is for you if you want to: