about us

As we realized how many women are being impacted by sexual betrayal, we were inspired to combine our diverse and vast backgrounds to help women understand what is happening to them and then learn how to heal.

 We are here for you.

How We Started

After creating programs for men struggling with sex addiction, Dr. Trish Leigh, who is trained to help women struggling from Sexual Betrayal Trauma, did not want to leave partners behind in this movement of healing and recovery.

Coming Together

So, Dr. Trish Leigh worked hard to bring a partner's program to life. As her work with men struggling with hypersexuality developed, she didn't want to leave the women impacted out in the cold. This program is dedicated to helping women regain their strength and power so they can heal with hopes of healing their relationships too.

Where we are now

Here, at Sanity After Betrayal, women are supported in figuring out if healing is truly possible in their relationship and, if so, how to foster it. If not, learn when and how to leave in a healthy way. Sexual betrayal is on the rise and women need this program now more than ever.

meet your coach

Founder, Lead Instructor, Executive Director

Cognitive Neuroscientist &
Sex Addiction Coach

My heart breaks for all the men, women, and families suffering at the hands of sexual betrayal. When I learned that compulsive hypersexuality behavior disorder impairs the way a person’s brain performs, my mind was literally blown. I couldn’t sit still and watch sexual betrayal destroy people’s brains, hearts, and lives while nobody talked about it. So… I started talking about. 

After being personally impacted by porn and sex addiction, I had to take a step back to research, process, and integrate how porn and sex were impacting men and thus, how it was changing the way they acted toward their partners and children. Now, I know ALL of the pieces that make up this convoluted, complex situation. I also learned how to help people successfully heal and I want to share it with anyone who is interested. 

Porn and sex become highly addictive to many men as a self-soothing mechanism for stress. Although it has little to do with sex, and everything to do with their brains, it is devastating to partners and creates betrayal of the worse kind. 

As a Neurofeedback Therapy professional with a thriving private practice – not to mention raising 5 children – I was perfectly poised with the knowledge, skills, and inspiration to bring this issue to light and help people heal. I have created programs called Porn Brain Rewire over at drtrishleigh.com that help men heal their brains and recover from porn and sex addiction. I have also established a non-profit organization, Porn Brain Prevention, to help teens avoid porn use in the first place, preventing the next generation from perpetuating sexual betrayal. You can find it at pornbrainprevention.com.

From helping thousands of men heal from sex addiction, I know this… most relationships can heal if partners become honest with themselves and each other and learn to share that honesty in a healthy way (that is a BIG if). Whether your relationship can heal or if it is time for you to create a new healthy relationship. Recovery is still essential for your health and wellness. If you are reading this, I want you to know that you can heal from this situation and come out the other side stronger than ever. Cliché, I know… but true. I am here for you. When you are ready, let’s get started. 

Jamie Watson
Neuro Coach

Sanity After Betrayal Coach

Since 2021, I have had the honor of working alongside Dr. Trish Leigh. As someone with extensive personal and professional experience in addiction recovery, I understand the struggles individuals face as well as the devastating effects it has on their families.

In my years-long battle to shift from survival mode to thrive mode following my traumatic experiences, I was inspired to help those who have experienced trauma. Coping with grief, trauma resolution, and past traumas can be a daunting experience that can greatly affect your life. However, under the guidance of Dr. Trish Leigh, I was able to conquer these challenges and undergo a personal transformation to become the best version of myself.

Healing your brain is essential to achieving success in your recovery journey. As a Brain Rewire Coach, I work with clients on a one-to-one basis to help them set goals that are specific to their unique recovery journey and work through any obstacles that may arise using the 3×3 Brain Rewire method and techniques to guide clients through a holistic approach to recovery.

With a profound interest in personal development, I possess the essential qualities of empathy, non-judgmental compassion, understanding, and fortitude, which are crucial in aiding others.

I inspire and equip individuals with tools for a healthy, sustainable, and recovered lifestyle. Let me help you discover your passion for healthy living and become the best version of yourself.