from Sexual Betrayal Trauma

First and foremost, heal yourself.

Then, help your partner and relationship heal too, if possible.

You are here, so you’ve already taken the hardest step.
Let’s take the next steps together.

Heal from the lies, porn use, infidelity, sex life distortion, and manipulation, with professional support & self-assurance.


to Heal from Betrayal

No, you are not insane.
We get it.

“I feel crazy!” That is what most women say when we first meet them. After working with multiple therapists, that did not understand the root issues behind the sexual betrayal in their relationship, finally they find us. They wasted precious time, money, and energy because nobody knew how to properly help them. We know how to help you.

Some women are encouraged to leave too quickly, when relationship healing can still happen. Other women are not empowered to leave a psychologically abusive relationship. Most professionals, clergy, and the general population do not understand the factors and dynamics behind sexual betrayal. We do.

Who are we?

Sanity After Betrayal is a therapist-backed digital coaching community. We can help you figure this situation out. We can give you the knowledge, understanding, tools, and expert support that you need to move forward confidently in uncertain times.

What will I learn?​

This program is filled with science-based strategies and techniques so you can heal from the sexual betrayal that you have experienced and become stronger than ever. Then, you will learn to discern if you should stay or go and you will be prepared to do either with confidence.

What about my partner?

You will also understand what your partner needs to heal his brain and repair your relationship. You will learn how to know if he is succeeding in his recovery and if trust can be renewed. Your journey is an incredibly personal experience and we can guide you through with compassion and expertise to help you feel safe.

We offer a comprehensive online digital program that teaches you everything you need to know to start healing.

Don’t feel lost and alone anymore.

We got you.